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Typhoon Packaging Systems are proud to be the sole UK agent for Strema stretch wrapping machines.

Strema manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality stretch wrapping machinery and top sheet applicators and are the largest manufacturer of stretch wrapping systems in Germany.

These premium stretch wrapping systems offer the very best in quality and reliability so incur very little downtime. The investment in the high-tech systems at this end of the market is justified by many UK manufacturers when they start to quickly recover the higher investment cost with continuous production and a reduced need for spare parts. Added to this is the exceptional lifetime of a Strema machine which further decreases the total cost of ownership.

All Strema stretch wrapping systems are provided with a “Buy Back Guarantee” should you no longer require the machine or are simply looking to upgrade your machinery.

From semi-automatic turntable machines to high speed fully automatic systems, these machines are ultra reliable and give an excellent cost of ownership. Combining the latest technology and top quality proprietary brand components, these stretch wrapping systems are simply in a class of their own.


Rotating Arm

Top Sheet Applicator

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Pallet Doubler

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This pallet doubler is installed as part of a system, installed prior to a Strema A5000 Top Sheet Applicator and integrated into the stretch wrapper and conveyor control system. As pairs of pallets enter the system, the first pallet is lifted and the second stops under the first, allowing the first to be placed on top of it before they enter the stretch wrapper. The two pallets are then wrapped at the same time.