Premium Turntable

Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Turntable

Strema H 1200 / H 1300

A semi automatic pallet wrapping turntable is defined as a machine where the operator attaches the stretch film and presses the start button and the machine runs a pre-determined cycle.

Fitted with a core brake (H 1200) or power pre-stretch system (H 1300), these Strema turntable machines are ideal for those who require a quality machine that will last a long time, but don’t have a high daily volume of pallets to wrap.

The H 1200 and H 1300 are similar machines in both dimensions and capacities. The main difference is that the H 1200 has a core brake which controls the film tension between the machine and the produce. This is most suitable for heavier products with stronger corners. The H 1300 is the same basic machine but incorporating either a fixed ratio pre-stretch system or optionally a two motor infinitely variable pre-stretch system.

The main advantage of the pre-stretch systems is that the film is stretched before being dispensed to the pallet, therefore less film is applied to the pallet and hence is much more economical.


Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Turntable

Strema SAD 16

A fully automatic pallet wrapping turntable is a machine that can handle a high throughput of pallets. In many cases the pallets will be fed automatically along conveyors from a palletiser.

The Strema SAD 16 is fully automatic and can be fitted with various top sheet applicators to produce dust proof or weatherproof packs. It has an external top sheet applicator and can discharge the pallet at right angles to the infeed conveyor.

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