Top Sheet Applicators

Premium Top Sheet Applicator Stretch Wrappers for UK Industry

Top sheet applicators are used to apply a polythene sheet over the top of the pallet. It can be applied in two ways:

  1. External as the pallet enters the stretch wrapper – External Run Through System
  2. Internal, pausing the wrapping cycle


The Internal System

The internal top sheet applicator is installed within the SAD16, A4000 or A5000. This does increase the wrapping cycle time as the cycle has to pause while the top sheet is applied. The way the top sheet is applied during the cycle does mean that the pack is “weatherproof” if the pack is wrapped by spiralling up and down with the stretch film ensuring the film overlaps the previous layer. Thus if water lands on the top of the pallet and runs down the side of the pallet it will be between the layers of film and not touching the product.
NB. The Internal System is not possible with the ASS2000


The External System

The external top sheet applicator – run through type, is installed prior to the SAD 16, ASS 2000, A 4000 or A 5000. This means that the wrapping cycle time of the stretch wrapper is not compromised, as the sheet is laid over the pallet as it travels into the stretch wrapper. This method of application only produces a “dust proof” pack. It is not weather proof as the water landing on the top of the pallet could get down the side of the pallet inside the stretch film.


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