Premium Rotating Arm

Semi Automatic Turning Arm Stretch Wrapper

Strema SAR 18

A semi-automatic turning arm machine is run by an operator who attaches the stretch film and presses the start button and the machine runs a pre-determined cycle.

The SAR 18 semi automatic rotary stretch wrapper is suitable for environments with lower production volumes and unstable loads. The pallet can be placed on the floor and the turning arm then rotates slowly around the pallet.


Fully Automatic Turning Arm Stretch Wrapper

Strema ASS 2000 / A 4000 / A 5000

A fully automatic turning arm machine takes the pallets on conveyors into and out of the fully guarded stretch wrapper machine on the production line.

The ASS2000 is similar to the SAR 18, but it is a fully automatic, low volume machine.

The A4000 and A5000 are high speed machines for production lines where reliability and throughput are the important factors when choosing a rotary stretch wrapper. The difference between the two is that the A5000 can deal with a larger capacity than the A4000.

These ultra reliable machines run and run giving a very low cost of ownership and are often chosen by customers when performance and reliability are the most important factors.

Video of a Strema A5000B II (Twin Arm) in operation

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