Pallet Handling

Pallet Handling Equipment– Doublers, Lifts, Elevators & Destackers

Our range of pallet handling equipment is manufactured in Germany and is extremely robust and reliable – typical German engineering. This production line machinery uses quality branded parts, such as SEW motors. We can supply individual components or collectively as a system.


Pallet Doubler

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This pallet doubler is installed as part of a system, installed prior to a Strema A5000 Top Sheet Applicator and integrated into the stretch wrapper and conveyor control system. As pairs of pallets enter the system, the first pallet is lifted and the second stops under the first, allowing the first to be placed on top of it before they enter the stretch wrapper. The two pallets are then wrapped at the same time.


Pallet Lift

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This pallet lift can be used at the start of a pallet conveyor line to lift the pallets from the ground onto an existing conveyor line. Pallets can be loaded by hand, ideal if the there are no fork lift trucks operating in the area.


Pallet Elevator

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The pallet elevator is used to lift pallets over greater distances. It can also be used in reverse as a pallet lowerator or even as a pair to bridge a busy aisle.


Empty Pallet Destacker

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Empty pallet destackers can be supplied either as a standalone unit to be added to existing conveyors with its own control system or as part of a complete conveyor line. It can also be used to stack pallets.


Pallet Roller Conveyor

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Pallet roller conveyors can be supplied with various roller pitches. various widths, lengths and heights, etc to integrate with either new or existing equipment.


Pallet Chain Conveyors

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Pallet chain conveyors can be supplied with various numbers of chains, 2, 3 or 4, to suit your requirements. Various widths, lengths and heights can be supplied to integrate with new or existing equipment.


Pallet Transfer Units

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Pallet transfer units are used to either change the direction of travel of the pallet or as a junction allowing pallets to either join, or leave, the main flow of pallets.


Pallet Turntable

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The pallet turntable is a commonly used component in conveyor lines, both for junctions or where conveyors need to turn a corner where the leading edge of the pallet needs to continue being the leading edge.


Pallet Shuttle Car

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The pallet shuttle car can be used in a variety of situations, from collecting completed pallets from various palletising lines, to delivering empty pallets or transporting pallets across trucking aisles.



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